A dance to keep you company

I was pondering whether to write this in English or Romanian as it is due to something you can only see in Romania (most probably), but this is not about what I’ve experienced. It is about the feeling I was left with afterwards.

Imagine you are in the present and you do not want …no… you cannot  be anywhere else. Not because you cannot chose to let your mind wander, but because that possibility wouldn’t even occur to you. Now imagine that you are feeling calm. You’re mind is empty. You cannot form a thought because you do not need to think. Just being there is enough. There is a warm feeling inside, like something is lovingly carresing you from the inside. You would purr if you could. And you do not want to move or if you have to you do it very slowly so as not to lose the feeling.

This lasted until I was about half way through my drive home. The fact that such a feeling vanishes so quickly makes it the more precious. And there are moments like this I would like to be able to remember later, and this is why I wrote this.

To give a bit of context, A dance to keep you company is an experience provided by Andreea Novac. It was developed since 2019, in three dance recidenciese, with a result that keeps evolving. However, it is not a dance show. It is not a performance either. It is an experience. Intimate, deeply personal, creating connections from solitudes. She read a poem from Nichita Stănescu, that said something like if love exists, from emptiness the fullness arises. That would pretty much describe this experience.

Andreea Novac is what I am looking for in an artist. Everything she creates is different and unique and yet is so deeply hers. How she described what she is focused on her creative path right now, I feel is what the world needs most because it creates connections and we are lacking that so much. As I was talking to a (I would dare call him) friend the other day, technology is evolving much faster than culture, which disconnects us from each other and especially from future generations*, and this is one of the biggest challanges humanity is facing right now.

*there has always been a generation gap, but nothing like what is coming.


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