Something else I didn’t think would happen is to have ethical issue while learning programming.

Not with learning programming itself, but with the vocabulary used by programmers. Since 2017, I am using microcontrollers in my works to make them interactive and this year I thought it would be nice/ fun/ useful to learn Java, which is object oriented programming. See bellow the wiki definition of an object :

Read that again.

Since when is a dog an object? Or a person for that matter because I have plenty of examples in my course with “objects” called person, student etc.

This somewhat explains why the “mentors” in the IT program I am enrolled in treat us like we are supposed to have a set of features and behave a certain way in order to succed, because that’s how programming works. You create a suit and the monkey wears it. Yay!

Has anyone thought that maybe all the AI fear could be removed if the language used in IT would be humain instead of robotic and would not give space for a potentially independent AI to regard humans as objects which it would do right now for obvious reasons ? Guess not.


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