A woman alone walks into a flamenco bar…

When I arrived in Jerez, I went to Tabanco El Pasaje to see a flamenco show during the day. I was convinced I would see one at night also, but it turns out Monday is not a good day for that. Most of the flamenco bars are closed, and generally the best bars in Spain … More

Canceled emotions

Last weekend was a rollercoaster of emotions, to the point where Sunday morning I was exhausted, and I couldn’t even form that thought. I needed to be alone, but I wanted to finish the experience also. I did, because I unfortunately do not listen to myself. Last weekend started on Thursday. That evening some of … More

I could be this person, but I am not…

Yesterday, my flamenco teacher told me that I give her a very good vibe, because I am a calm, gentle and warm person. She might have seen the look of mistrust in my eyes, as I am neither of those things because she added, that this is how I am when I’m in her class. … More

What just happened?!

Due to being very busy, especially at a social level, which I lost habit of because of the pandemics, I feel very tired lately. I sleep enough, but I do so much that during the day I do not have time for myself. Recently, I put one project on a week, that might turn into … More


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About Me

My name is Sabina Stan. I am a visual artist based in Romania. I work with rope, paper and recycled aluminium cans and I can do just about anything (figurative or abstract) in the technique I use, which is an unconventional way of weaving.

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