Emotions in corsets…

I wore a corset today.

One I made a year ago, after making the aluminium can life-size ball gown.

It is wearable, but it is rigid, like the corsets worn by women until the ’30.

Actually, it turns out what I wore was what interbelic women called a roll-on. Whatever…

The point is that I could bearly breath properly in it.

Recently, I took a performance course and amongst other things, Alina made sure we know how to breath properly, from the diafragme.

Apart from the fact that some people do not breath correctly even today, can someone tell me how one was supposed to breath properly with a corset on? It takes three time the effort to do so and you have to do it consciously, like dolphins. And if you don’t, the breathing becomes shallow. Do you know what shallow breathing means ? Anxiety and panic. So, that pretty much explains why women were emotional and anxious and were fainting ever so often. Unfortunately, this trait that came from a garment has generalized in the common consciousness as a trait for women in general. Nevermind, the context is gone.

Oh, and corsets! Those things that were supposed to fit you into a shape that didn’t fit you. We still suffer from having to be something we are not just because we are women and we need to be a certain way not matter which way we actually are.

I am working on a project that addresses women discrimination, which is not something I imagined myself doing since I do not like at all the feminist movement and wouldn’t want to contribute to it.

The story of the first work that is now in design stage, is quite nice and romantic, until I was waken up to the world we live in, where I cannot be that way because then I would create something that would just contribute to demeaning women, because most men who adored women in their work, so far, objectified them. There is a larger story behind this work to be told later…

At first, my thoughts went against women that superficially ask to be equal with men, while still looking for a hubby to slave around for her, or hating men in general and treating them as lesser then, or that quote Freud. I get that there was this #metoo thing after which a lot of male artists are regarded as persona non grata and their art is disregarded because of who they were / are. I think this is a bigger discussions and will probably vary from man to man. However, no one picks on Freud, that I know of.

I consider him responsible for more women deing of heart attacks than men. Even though, a doctor might recognize that a woman is sick, many doctors would dismiss her symptoms at first as anxiety, a remnant of the notion that women suffer from hysteria. Guess who popularizeze the notion that women are hysterical? And even though medics may no longer regard it as a disease, how many of you use the term and mostly on women?

Freud is put so high and almost never questioned and quoted as if if Freud said it, it’s true. How many women think they are emotional, depressed or whatever, before they check their heart, if they ever do? Has your psychologist ever considered your heart may not take your life style and the issue could come from there?

If I would erase anyone from history, it wouldn’t be some actor or film director or whatever, it would be Freud with all his work which is all worthless in the face of modern psichology anyway. Yes, I get that you think he was a stepping stone at leats, but was he really ?

Also,women have been told it is normal to be emotional, but were not taught how to control their emotions, and neither were men, they were taught to denie their emotions.

A conversation a friend of mine heard stuck in my mind. A little girl, about six, told her younger brother, who was crying:

– Don’t cry. Men don’t cry. You have to be a little men.

My friend found this endearing. Right, promoting bad habits is so cute.


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