Aluminum dress – A new beginning


This dress which is made of aluminum cans is a tribute to nature and the people who
sometimes have to remember they are part of it.
The dress represents a sunrise from the fields to the sea. Each sunrise is a new beginning.

The dress has the sky at the top and the train represents the waves of the sea because everything in nature is circular and nothing is more illustrative of this than the horizon at seashore.

The dress is mostly woven with strips cut from aluminium cans.

The exception is the front of the skirt, which consists of straight plain doses and representing the human presence. It intertwines with the back of the skirt that is woven and represents the filed that ends at sea, representing nature. The change between front and back is done gradual, organic, with woven strips extending here and there over the pieces of aluminium because people and nature must be in harmony. There are not two distinct entities. Moreover, and what it would be good not to forget, people are part of nature.

In the front of the skirt, there are three woven strips that represent the nature, just like the corset and the back of the dress. These three strips are kinetic. When a person approaches the front at less than a meter and a half (I thought it would be more appropriate a meter and a half, after I drew), they extend to the front. The allusion refers to the current situation that puts us, or it should put us, in a position to re-evaluate our position in nature.

Technical details

The dress was made of 160 aluminum cans:

  • 33 silver aluminum cans
  • 55 blue cans
  • 35 green cans
  • 9 purple cans
  • 12 yellow cans
  • 16 orange cans

The dress is made on a wire structure.

The key chain around the neck is made of keys from cans placed on a ribbon.

The electric part is made of:

  • 1x Arduino Uno
  • 2x servo motors
  • 1x ultrasonic sensor

The sensor is placed in the middle of the corset.

The electric supply is made through a 5v power supply for the servos and an usb cable for the Arduino, both plugged into and extension cord secured on the inside of the back of the dress.

When a person comes in front of the dress at less than 1,5 m, the strips in from of the dress are raised.


Can Art&Design Festival 2020 – Mega Mall, Bucharest – 15th of August – 23rd of August 2020

images @Reciclad’OR

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