Forgiving myself is a given

It is easy for me to take the blame on myself because I can forgive myself for any mistake.

I am not afraid to be wrong, quite the contrary. If I made mistake it means that I have learnt something new. Now I am better than I was before. Next time in the same (similar) context, I will do better.

I can’t say the same for you however. If you made a mistake, I can give you a second chance, even a third if I really care for you, but that’s my limit. Make the same mistake three time and it means you learn nothing. Pupi 😘

This is not to say I do not make the same mistake several times. Of course I do. I want to be sure that it was a mistake 😂

However, forgiving myself is the healthiest thing since I can not do what o do with other people : walk away.

Also, I can control what I do next. You might say that I should have the same grace towards others as I have towards myself, but sometime the mistake is exactly forgiving people that do not deserve it, that will never change and will consider it is ok as long as they are forgiven. Ever heard the excuse: “you know how I am”?

Walk away! People can change even when they are 80. It is never too late. You just have to want to be better. End of story.


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