It was the tires …

Two days ago the tires of my new bike gave out. I knew I had to take it in service for at least 2 months now for other reasons, but kept postponing it because it was still functional. Not anymore.

So today, I had to take my old bike for a ride. I had to fix the breaks, inflate the tires, dust it … Oil the chain, which I forgot 😅

Anyway, I haven’t biked on it since last summer, when I actually went to the same place as today 😅

I have always wondered how I had the accident two years ago on the way in to my small town which is up hill and I lost control of the bike because I had too much speed. I wondered what super powers I had that day because normally I bearly make it up. No chance to have too much speed. Turns out it was the tires of the old bike which I was riding that day.

Both bikes are mountain bikes, but the old one has tires fitted for asphalt which makes it easier to ride in the city. It is indeed a pretty good difference.

I thought for a moment I should have gotten tires like that for the new one instead of replacing the broken ones with the same type of tires it had before, but then reconsidered since they facilitated the accident. Best not give myself proper context to hurt myself again even if it means biking slower. 😅

One other thing I realized today is that I have the new bike since last spring not since the spring of 2019 as I kept telling everyone. So wired. I really thought I had it for longer 🤷🏼‍♀️


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