Living in your own head

I have known for a long time that isolation creates monsters out of the kindest people. Although I am not a fan of people, I have chosen to put myself in social situations (ex: having a day job where I have to interact with my team mates, or clients) exactly for the purpose of calibrating myself and my thoughts.

If you spend too much time with yourself, you start to see things distorted. Things in your head have very little to do with reality. We define reality as a shared convention between people. If you are isolated, you are no longer connected to the common reality, only to your own, which may exclude a lot of experiences and view points and get you stuck in a pattern of thinking that will not allow you to reconnect …or worst…

You will develop ideas so strong, and you might have some charm that when you start speaking them to people, some will listen and form a cult (social media makes it so much easier than before*). I have noticed a lot of “spiritual” people go that way. While I consider cults benign untill at one point when they become religions with power of forming opinion for mases and maybe even influence laws, I have noticed, as a result of this pandemic which isolated people that were lonely to begin with, that These people have take refuge into already existing religions and adopted some very extreme ideas.

I think that the only way for people to be truly humans, is to be open minded, connected to each other and mindful that their way of life and their reality is not the only one that is valid.

I also think, with this mind set we will stop having people that are isolated and, from desperation to belong somewhere, adopt extremist ideas or are pray to charismatic people that create the illusion of belonging somewhere for them.

*same social media makes it easier also to find people you can connect with on a deeper level and be able to truly communicate, feel listened and appreciated. Use it wisely.


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