Nature of the heart

Nature of the heart is a series of interactive objects and lamps that depict feelings through elements of nature.

  • Flowers – appreciation
  • Tree – security
  • Butterflies – passion
  • Mountain – stability
  • Mushrooms – envy

Rooted heart

As long as the roots are coming from the heart, your tree of life will never wither.

Blooming heart

The more you appreciate what you’ve got, the more your heart will bloom.

Butterfly heart

Passion if beautiful, soaring, fast and evanescent like a buttery. The more butterflies you have the more you feel and enjoy the life you were graced with.

Mountain heart

Steady as a rock. Secure and safe.The view is amazing. Adventure in in the climb. The joy is in the climb, but the the view up there is food for the spirit. And when the heart beats it is more powerful then ever. 

Poisoned heart

Do not feed the feelings or they will grow on your heart like parasites and consume it.

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