Everything is nature

Humans are undoubtedly part of nature and just like a bird’s nest, human architecture is just as natural. However, there is a separation between humans and their creations and the rest of nature. While I understand the demarcation as we need to define our identity as a species, I find that the way it is made sets us apart from nature as a distinct entity. I believe that this is the main reason why we are capable of being harmful to our environment. If we would understand that we belong to nature just like all other animal species we would be able to better preserve what is in essence our Mother, with the difference that we never left the womb; we live here.

Technical details:
The work is made of recycled aluminium cans cut into strips and weaved on a wire structure fixed on a wood frame.
The frame is fixes on a wood panel that is connected on the bottom with another wood panel that is the support for the plant.

Dimensions : 70x92x10 cm

See how it was made:

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