The project is a reiteration of the Heavy heart rope lamps, with a twist.

These aluminum hearts beat.

They are calm, happy, anxious.

They react to touch, proximity or just beat as they are.

For the videos, most hearts are playing samba rhythms, as I feel the need for joy and I must admit the hearts might seem anxious which is also a reflection of the time they were created in. However, they can be programmed to beat however you feel like it.

Blue heart in hand

Hold this heart until it learns to love itself again. 💙

This heart has a constant soft beat.

Red floating heart

There is something quite nice about sitting here, floating in a feeling of peace and security.
Close your eyes.
Listen to you hear beating and acknowledge every part of your body from the top of you feet to your hand finger to the top of your head.
Feel how you are floating and stay there. Nothing can harm you in this state.

This heart beats if something approaches from above within 30 cm. Get closer than 5 cm and the heart beat changes.

Black heart

A black heart is not a bad heart; it’s just misunderstood.

This heart beats only if it is touched in the right spot.

Rainbow heart

This heart can be programmed to beat in four different ways.

Red heart in hand

This heart beats constantly. The heart of a winner. It is alive and proud.

Samba hearts

These two hearts sing together the drum intro to samba.

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