A woman alone walks into a flamenco bar…

When I arrived in Jerez, I went to Tabanco El Pasaje to see a flamenco show during the day. I was convinced I would see one at night also, but it turns out Monday is not a good day for that. Most of the flamenco bars are closed, and generally the best bars in Spain open only Friday and Saturday, in some cases maybe Thursdays or Sundays too.

At the show, there were three English elderly people: two women and a man. One of the women came to my table when there was a break in the show, and told me I could seat with them if I wanted to. I wanted to talk to them and wanted to seat at my front row table also. I did go to their table at the end of the show though and we chatted for twenty minutes. The lady that asked me to seat with them was Rose, the other one Sammy, and the man was Sammy’s husband, but I don’t remember his name anymore. He did say he came to Bucharest in 1966, while on a camping trip around Europe. Sammy and her husband are from Bristol which is a wine making area in England and has been training with Jerez for centuries. That’s why they were in Jerez, to taste the wine. They are not connesseurs, but the man infirmed me the sherry they (and everyone else, but me) received wasn’t very good. Rose is from the south of England, from an area I don’t know and can’t remember the name of anymore. They have been in Jerez during the Feria by sheer coincidence and have seen a lot of flamenco as people were performing on the street during the processions. It was exciting for them, as I imagine it would heave been for me. They even saw a bull fight. I’m not a fan, but I have to wonder if I would have went due to curiosity. I would hope not. Sammy is also an artist. She showed me some embroideries she made for an installation about world war II that depicted two rooms with parcels: one where the wife’s were making them for their husbands, and one where the husband’s on the front would open them. It was sadly relevant for today’s situation in Ukraine. She felt the same. Tomorrow they are going to Cadiz, and we said farewell hoping we will bump into each other in Cadiz too.

When I walked into this bar, I knew it was the fancy one, the so very popular, where you can only make a reservation for two people at least. I asked if I can see the show standing. It was a yes. I was hungry however, and they deliberated and said the show and food + drinks are 25 euros. Great! Comparing to Seville that is good. I did eat and drink for 25 euros, so the show was free. However, since I was alone, I didn’t get the customery white sherry bottle. I asked for only one glass of tinted sec Jerez wine (sherry). So I might have gotten something better than the rest. It was so strong though. I actually needed a lot of food to finish it.

At the end of the show, I asked for the name of the performers. For once I wasn’t really interested in the dancer, but I got all their names, along with the poster for the show. The waiter, who has been very kind, friendly and attentive since I came into the bar, brought the poster so I would write the names down. I was ready to take a photo, but Rose said I should get the poster. So, the waiter gave it to me. 😁💁🏼‍♀️


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