Stop telling people to smile to express hapiness…

…or to me at least.

People should consider before saying that the following:

– people that smile are not necessarily happy

– people that do not smile are not necessarily unhappy

– even if a person should be happy or smiling about something or you think they should, consider that you do not know what is the context for that person.

For instance, I am now at a concert I’ve been waiting for since 2019 (it will start in 32 min). I was supposed to go in November 2020, but the whole covid thingy happened.

First of all, I am emotionally exhausted. I am happy to be here, I just don’t feel like/ have the energy to smile.

Second of all, there is an entire story behind why I got hung on this music so much so that I was motivated to go to France to see them sing.

Now, if this was a Mylene Farmer concert, waiting 2 years is nothing. We can wait up to 9 years for her to consider “touring”. If it was Zaz or Zazie at least the motivation to see them in concert comes from within, something that is innate in me, so that doesn’t go away.

However, the reason for liking Vitaa and Slimane’s songs went away. Just recently, I realized that I am “cured”. Last year, this concert would have mean something more. Now it is just a concert, but I am happy to be here nonetheless. Especially because of the emotional exhaustion, I am happy it means nothing more than just a concert to go to.

Still, I won’t smile. Maybe after the concert, but I will probably not take a selfie.

Disclaimer: I know people who say to others they should smile more are well intended, but you know what good intentions lead to… 🤷🏼‍♀️


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