Music appetite

Today I realized a major change in my state of mind regarding music.

I lost my headphones (that is so common, losing or breaking them) but I didn’t freak out about it.

I remember when I traveled to Paris in 2019, my headphones broke and I disperately looked (and found) a place to buy new ones.

This time I’m like “meh, guess I won’t be listening to music much” 🤷🏼‍♀️ I do have another pair of headphones, in all fairness, but they are bluetooth and the battery runs out. However, I am not inclined to use them much. I am ok not listening to music. It used to be such a central part of my life, but since the pandemics and starting listening to audio books, I listen to music rarely, when I feel like dancing mostly.

I am also doing a lot of things that include music, which might be part of why I do not have the need for it much on other times.

Today, I arrived in Lyon. That’s why I found the situation similar to when I was without headphones in Paris and I kinda fell into a depression or disperation, like I couldn’t live or enjoy the trip without music. I think I would actually enjoy the quiet (sounds of the city) this time.

Among other things, I heard Romanian music coming from a car passing by. 😄😅🙄

I wonder if my line of thoughts will change without music. Today, I can’t really tell because I was biking and when I bike first time in a new city I do not listen to music. This is why I lost the headphones. I disconected them from the phone and left them hanging on my coat. I didn’t tuck them in the bag… And started biking …🤷🏼‍♀️

I biked along Rhone’s quai and I love to do that especially since in Lyon it is specifically arranged for sport activities and was a nice way to enjoy the sunset too.

I would say that the decrease in music appetite comes from me being less inclined to fantasize and live more. I do miss my fantasy world though and realized that I should put it on paper instead of just leaving it in my head where it does not have priority anymore anyway.


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