Versus 2021

Finally, I got to go to the concert I bought tickets for in 2019 for 2020.

Happy happy joy joy … And yet…

Background story:

In 2019, I fell in love with my dove and was listening to Hola señorita by Maître Gims (and some other guy totally irrelevant). Deezer thought I might like Hasta la Vista sang by Gims, Vitaa and Slimane. I haven’t listened to Vitaa since her debut album way back when I was in school but A fleur de toi still brings shivers down my spine. So I though I might like it too. A little bit too much it seems because I traveled to France to see them in concert. By them, I mean Vitaa and Slimane. Although with my legendary luck, the concert I attended benefited from a surprise appearance from Gims as well, making it perfect … If only… The reasons I got hung on the music of Vitaa and Slimane was that it fitted son well with what I felt for my dove. Between Versus and Je te le donne, it described our story as I saw it and as I tell it, perfectly. It surely got nothing to do with her view. It is clear to me that we do not live in the same reality. But Vitaa and Slimane do and they remain for me an example and an ideal of real friendship and true love (fraternal as it is).

As time passed by, I got over my infatuation and as I moved on, I saw no point in going to the concert anymore, except the desire to see a concert since it has been so long. However, Mylene announced a tour for 2023 and Zaz next year. I could wait a little bit longer for something that actually has internal meaning to me. Still the trip was planned, so why not go?!

Finally this trip was an opportunity for recconection with my first love and a friend that will always be so dear to me no matter where we are, which is more important than this concert, but wouldn’t have happened without it.

And it was also the opportunity to enjoy and amazing concert with no other emotional attachments. Now I need to see Shy’m in concert too 😆

I chose Lyon because I haven’t been there before and Bordeaux wasn’t yet listed when I bought the tickets. I desperately want to go back to Bordeaux.

Turns out Lyon is the birth city of Vitaa and it may be that it is easier to chant Vitaa than Slimane, but the public was so there for her, it was amazing.

Apart from the songs they sing together, each had a solo moment. Slim sang Ne me laissez pas and Vitaa sang Pour vous qu’on s’aime solo. On the album each song has a part at the end when the other one sings but in concert that part was left out and I missed it. Slim however compensated with his amazing vocals. OMG, the shivers and the effects, the power, visuals and everything!!! They also sang two other songs solo. Slimane on Viens on s’aime was amazing. Again the visuals on the background were gorgeous.

However, Vitaa’s performance of Confessions nocturnes, her duo with Diam’s, was amazing. Not to say I don’t miss Diam’s on the song, but Vitaa’s performance is such an homage to her and this song just like A fleur de toi has always touched me deeply.

I love the French public for the way they sing and interact with the performes. Just like at a Mylene concert they sang this song with Vitaa and this want the only song where the public could just as well have sang it themselves. I find it even more desirable when a moment like this happens then having the singers play perfectly and not interact with the public at all …

I did leave the concert with a big smile on my face and a better state of mind then I went in and also with a new favorite singer, Camille Schneider 💕 It’s the second time I go to a concert to discover more singers I like….make that three time but once was in Germany 😊

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