Bodily sensations are not emotions

Before you consider feeling a certain way about someone or something, consider if you just might be having your body tell you something, like you may be sick or just feeling a momentary discomfort or unbalance in it’s chemistry that gives you that feeling.

Or you might be spiritual and think that the universe is telling you something about that something / one you think of through whatever you feel in your body. It’s a choice.

I’ve been really agitated today and prone to feeling a lot and my heart was racing at times.


  • I have not drank coffee since February, unless on very rare occasions and only with milk
  • Today I drank a black coffee in the morning
  • I spent today sitting at a table doing mostly nothing

I had a quite insightful conversation with a friend during the day that touched on the emotional side as it always does and after she left I felt my stomach bothering me and I thought : Aha, so this is on a emotional level and because I acknoaleged my new crush(es) out loud, I triggered something. Especially since we talked about emotional availability, choosing or focusing on unavailable people and so on.

Rationally speaking, it was just the effect of the coffee. 💁🏼‍♀️

Speaking about unavailable people, I need someone I can dream about. Can one dream about someone they are in a relationship with?

Fun fact and totally random: today, on Mylene Farmer’s birthday, it’s also this blog’s anniversary. 🎉


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