There is no right way to go…

While I was on vacation, contemplating the trees next to a waterfall, I remembered what I learned from nature in 2013 after spending 2 weeks on a natural park also contamplating the trees, and long since forgotten, is that the only way isn’t up, it’s any way that allows you to grow and trive.

My latest focus in my art are plants and all though I have been adding them to my works for some time, now they will play a main role.

I have discovered that the ivy is my favorite plant because it is resilient and it adapts to the environment: the leaves are softer or harder, larger or smaller, depending on the heat/ cold, wind etc. However, the most important thing is that it will grow wherever it can, not only upwards, but sideways or even downwards if necessary.

I was told that this plant is the type that takes over its environment if left unchecked and will end up destroying other plants and it may seem that way judging by all the ruined cityscapes and dead trees covered in ivy, but I am looking at how it grows on my artwork and it feels like there is a balance. I guess, the plant will grow where other plants cannot – ruined cityscapes, rocky mountain, but I do not think it killed the trees, rather they died for other causes and the ivy took over afterwards.

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