Have you ever noticed that everything changes when you look at an object from a different view point? Sometimes it changes dramatically.

Have you ever thought that the same thing happens to ideas or feelings? Have you ever experienced the same idea or even feelings from different view points? Do you think you can choose how you look at something?


Last Sunday, I went for a ‘reharsal’ with the percussion band I started learning percussion from at the beginning of last year. Since October 2020, I pretty much studied on my own, but although I see progress it is nothing spectacular and this year they needed to find a new space to reharse and I have been to a reharsal only once.

The reason why I put rehearsal in “” is because it was an actual concert on the streets of Bucharest with public and everything.

Well, I just went with it. I know how not to get in the way while trying my best to do what I should and I was successful at that although I do not feel like I actually contribute. It’s more of a learning experience for me.

I have a nagging feeling that I do not belong, but I know it is not warranted because I see the attitude of the band colleagues whom are really nice and supportive even though this year I saw some only once, last Sunday.

Of course, several people filmed us and some got close, even to me, but I just kept doing what I should have been doing. Not being blocked by the fact that I am watched closely is a plus.

There was a guy who caught my eye after the first performance and on the spot I interpreted his look as an acknowledgement that I am not as good as the rest although I realize now that it was just a mirror of how I see myself. And it is normal that I am not as good as the rest… I never sang at anything before until last year when I took up percussion and I am doing fine. This is not to say there is a lot of work to be done, but I can do it …in time.

However, this same guy was very suportive during the performance and afterwards when he passed by us again while we were preparing for a second one, he congratulated us from across the street and said we were awesome. I just realized how I might have misinterpreted his look when he caught my eye.

The second thing is that after the performance, next day, the conductor of the band sent me am old video with the band so I can better study the legg movement and the instruments.

I thought I did well with the legg movement especially since I haven’t really practiced that. I knew I had to work on it but at least I can keep the rhythm now.

Again, my first thought was that she noticed I didn’t do something quite right and that’s why she sent it. Later, I realized that she was looking through old videos to see how the …can’t say former because he is still part of the band but not as full time as before, the original conductor 😁 of the band was conducting the band in the concert. So she was studying him and she thought the video would also help me.

So it wasn’t that I did something wrong that made her send me the video, but that I did something right: I showed up and I did my best and I showed interest and drive to do better.

I actually do not know what drove her to send me that video to study, but the second version sounds so much better and empowering that the first …and motivational.

So it’s all about how you chose to see something.

Of course, you can always ask for clarifications 🤷🏼‍♀️


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