KO is OK

I do not know how it is in other parts of the world, but in Romania, if things do not go as planned it is normal.

I do think that on the long run plans are mostly guidelines and disruptions are to be expected. That’s why it is always good to have a delay when setting a deadline that accounts for unexpected.

However, there are simple things that do not go smoothly. For instance, you would expect that a new employee that you know will start work at least 30 days in advance will have all the accesses needed to start the job on the first day.

Somehow people fail to plan for this.

I know it is not a Romanian thing as I work in corporations and for the last year and a half I could see first hand how the system fails elsewhere. Because the system is the people that cannot seem to prioritize or follow correctly procedures or find out what they have to do and sometimes other people cannot do their job right or on time.

Here all this is considered normal, to be expected or you would be upset or say that you are disappointed in the company for not providing everything necessary in time, it is absurd. Based in experience, it is since I did not get it anywhere. This is what gets to be. Failing happens but it should not be normal when you fail for the Xxx time.

I am a fan o failing is ok because otherwise people will not attempt something new, something they know nothing or very little about so that they might learn, but not when it comes to processes that repeat at least 1000 times a year. You have time.to perfect that, to account for people error. You can do better because you cannot fail 1000 and still fail. Yet, it happens. 🤷🏼‍♀️

However where I am now the pressure is low so far, quite at the level they provide the necessary at, maybe even quite lower… So I may be asking for too much. (This is how people stay in places that are ko 🙄 experience teaches there is no better and here is not that bad 😞 fml).

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