Organic vs mental

I said before that I do not like how the word natural is being used as everything is natural.

Since then I have commited to changing my own vocabulary as I used the word natural like I don’t like it being used too for the sake of transmitting a message easier, but that is actually not ok as it is not quite the message I want to transmit.

So even if I might not be correctly understood at first, I decided to use the word organical instead of natural to convey the same meaning that the word natural is being used now.

I decidend not to replace it with biological because not everything is conditioned by biology, but what is biological is included in organical.

Apart from biological aspects, the organical things may include anything that is build on something else in a coherent and consistent way.

Therefore a habit can be organical as in it seems part of yourself. Not all habits are good as drinking alcohol or snacking can become a habit. Not all organical things are positive and I love giving the examples from biology with worms or ants paralyzed by fungus that takeover their brain and have them do things that are contrary to their and their species’ need to survive.

We have created a special kind of entity that has no biological body to fight or see coming: the idea. This can also become a weapon for our survival if used correctly which is done eventually as biologically we are conditioned to survive even though an idea can be strong enough in certain individuals to overwrite that.

Mental things are what makes sense only though thought process. You need to actively think about it for it to be.

What is organic is not necessarily good. Organic things are instincts, biological constraints, habits, ideas programmed into you brain by your parents/ school environment and society in general. All this can be surpassed by mental processes.

The mind is not the brain so it’s not a biological thing. The mind is the information stored in your brain and the connection that is formed between the neurons storing it. All this is alive and constantly changing, albeit slower as you age, unless it’s degrading which can happen really fast unfortunately.

Unless you have the misfortune of a neurogical disease you are in control of what’s on your mind. The information that you repeat to yourself the most becomes organic as on feels like it’s part of them.

The only real organical constraint you have is biology, but only in what is necessary to stay alive. Apart from the strict needs to stay alive as an individual you do not need to do anything else even if you seem to have been designed for it because (shocker!) you weren’t designed to do anything but stay alive/ reproduce or help at the species survival by taking care of offspring that has no more parents or whose parents can’t take care of them all (meaning you do not necessarily need to have kids or actively take care of a foster, you can just be a good example of what you think the society should look like). With the evolution of consciousness we want to do more than just stay alive though. Here is the drama.

If you chose to survive only, I would prefer that you do not reproduce. This society does not need another individual that cannot contribute with anything else apart from their own genes’ survival.

If you chose to live and also perpetuate your genes it would be wonderful if you would know that by just having a child and insuring it’s basic survival doesn’t insure that you did your “due to society”. You also need to make sure that child can function well in the society to be able to contribute aaand most importantly, and what I have never seen covered by our parents’ generation, to give your offspring(s) the tools to deal with trauma.

Of course, that our parents didn’t have the tools or had some recepies that do not apply in all contexts and for all temperents and didn’t realize other people have other needs even if they share their genes with them, and neither do we to give them to our children, and yet trauma is just as inevitable as death.

Whomever says they had none in their life, they are lying to themselves.


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