Simplify, simplify, simplify

I love simple things.

Sometimes my mind can create such complicated scenarios that I might start to doubt the above statement, but it is true.

When things get overwhelming, simplifying and prioritizing comes organically and unconsciously even. If it’s more than it’s comfortable for my mind it is put aside. Might get back to it when life is easier, might not. That’s how I find out something is important to me, truly.

Have you noticed that things are only complicated when you do not understand them. Once you do, they seem simple, logical… organical, like that’s how they are supposed to be ?

I made a dress of rope sometime last year, but I never got to photograph it. It has lampshades dangling from the skirt. It’s quite pretty.

I finally decided to photograph it last weekend aaand… one of the lampshades was not turning on.

I thought I would fix it… sometime. It felt on the spot that it would be complicated because the wires are inside the rope…

Tonight, I was staring at it, I turned it on and I started feeling the wires with my fingers. At one point the third lampshade turned on. Aha! There’s the bug and I actually have access to fix it really quick. I didn’t because it is late and I would rather write this than solder wires, but give me 5 min this weekend…

If something seems too complicated, it feels so only because you haven’t found the root of the problem once you do, things are simple: either the solution becomes obvious or you know which way to go to find it.

Now, there might be the case when you do not feel like doing/ finding out what has to be done, in which case the problem is not really the problem itself, you just have to own the situation and roll with it since you do not want to change it, or it’s not something really important and you must let it go.

If neither two cases apply that you :

1. Might love the drama
2. Might not have found the real root


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