Hidden meaning

My latest project, Everything is nature, represents my main focus right now and the direction in which I want to take my art for the near future.

The work represents a cityscape of Bucharest seen from a balcony on which is placed an ivy in a pot.

The ivy is the real thing, while the city scape is a reproduction in my technique of weaving aluminium strips.

The idea is that humans* are part of nature and what humans make is as natural as any other creations.

The reason I wanted to have a plant in the work is because I want it to eventually take over the rest of the landscape as I believe life will prevail**.

Houtouwan – abandoned village in China

What I mean is that we cannot distroy nature. We can damage it, but only to further our own demise as we distroy the conditions that insure our survival. Once we are gone, organic matter will live on, in whichever form conditions will allow at the time and continue to evolve from there.

Above, the growth of the ivy within two weeks

Furthermore, there are no humans in the cityscape. It is not uncommon that people walking along that bulevard are not seen, but there are always cars going by and I decided not to include them.

It is a seamingly deserted city. During the begining of the pandemic, I suspect that it could have looked like that as cars must have been more rare. So, it can be a pandemic cityscape.

It is an invitation to contemplate our fate and how we live our lives. Instead of living as if we are outside of nature, we could embrace our part in it and teach ourselves how to cherish this place and not take it for granted.

*any species that comes to take over its environment to the detriment of other species is called a pest. It’s what humans are. A pest. We are not the only species of this sort and almost any species can become one in the right environment. However, we are a pest in any environment and with no other species to control us. Except some viruses and bacterias. A pandemic is nature’s way of pest control.

**unless a cosmic catastrophe happens, of course



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