What gender do you identify with?

Is it ok for this question to be asked at a job interview? It just struck me today that it is not because it is not important for the job. Unless you are an actor an need to play the role of a man/ woman… even though if you can play the role convincingly enough while having the other biological sex, why not be allowed to play it?

I think we are so used to this question that we take it for granted. Even with the option “I would rather not say”, I still think it is wrong to ask, and yet, this question is everywhere, not only in job interviews, but anytime you create an account. Why is that? What does it matter what gender one is ? Unless you are conducting a study and need that information, I really do not see the point.

I had this revelation when I was completing a submission for a job and the questions included which color my skin has and which entinicity I have. Now why do you care about that?

I understand somewhat the question about disabilities because with some you may not be fitted to do the job or you would need special accomodations and the firm should know to prepare.

However why is gender and skin color important for a job? One should be able to do the job just as well regardless.


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