Universal emotions

It is said there are 7 universal facial expressions of emotions: fear, anger, contempt, sadness, disgust, surprise and joy.

I do think that we just feel good or bad or, more precisely, we feel comfort or discomfort, and everything else is just a variantion like hues to colors.

Either way, we seem to have defined more hues for discomfort than comfort. Practically, all but one of the expressions of emotions defined as universal are negative.

You might think that surprise can be positive, which would make it at best neutral in the abstract, but when you are surprised you experience discomfort. If you rationalize imediatelly afterwards that it is actually something good or desirable, that is just like when a baby laughs after you have uncovered your face, which is coming from the relief that mommy/ daddy didn’t actually disappear. At first they were feeling the discomfort of seeing someone familiar disappear all of a sudden, or otherwise defined as surprise.

Basically, we are not doing that bad, we just have more words for feeling discomfort and tend therefore to speak of it more. Also, negative feelings, fear in particular, keep most animals alive.

In other words, negative feelings are not bad to have, quite the contrary, they keep us alive. Except anger, that might get you killed more often than not.

Although, without anger, black people would have still been slaves, women wouldn’t have had any rights and so on…


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