Have you ever thought …

… that some people are just too nice?

Too nice people make me cringe. I feel like they are fake. It is not natural to always be positive and nice. Yes, it is a choice, but at what cost? Sometimes it just bad. Own it, don’t fake it.

Yet, sometimes it happenes that if someone is being really really nice, I do not cringe. I really appreciate it. It’s when their niceness is without propose or goal. They have nothing to win by being this nice.

… that you seem crazy to people you consider crazy?

We all have our normal and our own reality. Whenever I heard people motivating their believes on the fact that others believe the same, I knew they had no believes of their own. You may believe what others believe, but you have your own reasons, not that others believe/ think that too.

It is much easier to follow others than to have our own thought on matters. There are so many possibilities. How would you know what to chose?

Well, now you know why you should have paid attention to biology, physics, chemistry, phylosophy and, not lastly, psichology, in school. And you might notice two of those are studied very briefly though being crucial to teaching us how to think critically and discover out own minds.

… that everything is natural?

If something happens it is natural. If something exists in this world it is natural. Think about it. What is nature? What is natural?

Everything around us, including us, is nature. If something is not allowed by nature aka the laws of physics and chemistry, that will not happen. It just won’t. Try to do mix two elements that don’t combine. ….wait, don’t ! …if you are willing to experiment, maybe the world still needs you…

…what is real?

I would venture that everything you can imagine is real. Why? Because it is real in your head. Bring it to life in a creation and it will be real for others too.

Reality is a story. Who says it best and has the most followers wins …for a while.


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