What would you do if …

…you would know you only have 6 months to live?


1. Panic. Ofc.

2. Something stupid. Something I would normally not do because of future consequences or that I might need to explain later.

3. Pretty much what I would do anyway, except paying my bills 😂

Yes, I would still go to work if I can. Not for money, just to keep busy. It happened more than once that work got me out of a bad state of mind because there is a routine there and I can do the job well, so it helps with the moral to see you are good at something and (luckily for me) appreciated for, may that not be exactly what I want to do.

I would still exercise, dance, practice drumming, read, if I can physically, even if there is no other purpose than the activity itself in the moment, since that is the main reason I do those things anyway: to enjoy the moment.

I would still create whatever I had planned. If nothing planned, I wouldm’t look for a grand idea to mark the end or something, just do whatever comes to mind. It will probably be about life, but who knows?

4. Talk to anyone that means something to me to let them know what they mean to me. Hug them if possible.

5. Spend the time at home (travel, if possible), accepting not fighting.

And you?


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