Even art needs its space

The thing with working on several projects at the same time is that …nothing gets done 😆

…yes, it does. I’m actually quite fond of switching between projects. Even thought it is not productive, it is very good for my state of mind as I can lose focus quite fast and switching between projects keeps me interested.

Sometimes I do feel the need to stick to one until it is done though. And I somehow find the power to focus as well at that point.

Today was one of those times when I was almost done with something and I just worked on it until I finally finshed (just to realize a few hours later that I could have done something better and that, in fact, it would not be very troublesome to change that, so it is not done, but it is still in a final version 😄).

I’ve been thinking for sometime to do a video/ gif/ presentation of The Muse – my unfinished inspirational journey. It’s an object that was suppose to be interactive, but before I could finish it, I lost my source of inspiration and decided to leave the object almost done as it seems to be a trend with me and it feels more in tune with depicting a relationship that ended before it could start.

To do all that is more time and energy consuming than doing the final version of the circuit as the prototype is done, still I’m really fond of the idea of leaving this unfinished. It is not even the first time I highlight the beauty of something unfinished in my art and will definetly not be the last time.

In order to take the photos and video of the work as I imagine it depicted, I needed to clear out a shelf that’s been a mess since I suprassed my passion for divination and sorcery.

Finally cleaned it today, and placed The Unfinished Muse there to be shot as soon as I feel like it. Removing this piece from it’s former shelf, left more space for the static version of The Muse which is no longer crowded into a corner and can actually be admired as it takes flight in a hopeful (desperate) leap. As it happened with All the memories…, I rediscovered it and it brought me joy and a feeling of peace and maybe hope.

…totally ignoring the dieing version of The Muse at her left


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