Mixed feelings

When I started the Heavy heart project, the first series of lamps were supposed to depict feelings through light.

The crown lamp being the one that combines three colors to create a feeling. I named this lamp – Mixed feelings – and I know my choice for the combination back then was red and cold white, which would give a pink-ish color for the most part.

So, yeah, two red and one white. It was pretty straight forward. It’s a virtual love 😅 magenta …appropriate for that time.

Recently, I had to photograph the lamp for the online design fair I decided to finally be part of since it seems to be the only way out now. This time I chose red, warm yellow (white, they say, but it’s yellow) and blue. I should have went for red, green and blue because this combination creates white light in the middle of the lamp (or wherever all three intersect) giving a feeling of completion.

However, I really feel the red, yellow, blue combination right now. It feels like the best depiction of mixed feelings. Depending how you look at it, it reflects something different and nothing stable, no calm. 🤯

Of course, if you would decide to own one, you can choose your own combination of three colors, depicting whichever feeling you want to bounce to when you need to feel something that will help you, inspire you, move you one step closer to where you need to be or just allow you to feel safe and relaxed.


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