Today, I experienced the feeling I enjoyed last spring as well: time expanding and seeming enough. My mind is relaxed by the fact that I have nothing to do* and nowhere to be.

Just like last spring, I know it will not last long**. It will actually come and go. For this week I am going to enjoy it, and then I’ll see. Whatever comes.

Until my next scheduled trip to my happy island, I decided not to go anywhere. So far, it feels like a good idea. This amount of relaxation makes me feel like I’m floating.

The difference from last spring is that then I had a morning and night cosmetic routine that is mostly keep now only for night, before going to sleep. Last spring, I made a point of dressing even if I did not go out, although I was joking about spending my days in pijama. I didn’t. Now, I do not bother unless I’m going out. I pondered yesterday about going out in my pijama. I do not even think people would have noticed since I would have had a coat over. In light of this, I bought myself a new pijama and plan to only buy this item of clothing and maybe socks until this period turns to something else. <- wanted to say better, but …meh… whatever 🤷🏼‍♀️

Last year around this time I was under the certainty that no matter how 2020 turns out, it will end well as I should have went to a concert in France. It’s been postponed to September 2021. I do hope …still. So do they, obviously (autocorrect turned the last word in – anxiously 🤷🏼‍♀️ fits somehow).

There is something quite nice about sitting here, floating in a feeling of peace and security.
Close your eyes.
Listen to you hear beating and acknowledge every part of your body from the top of you feet to your hand finger to the top of your head.
Feel how you are floating and stay there. Nothing can harm you in this state.

* I do but nothing is a must do right now …well, not yet 😅 not today 😄

**the feeling, not this period


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