Thoughts on “Cradle”

I was looking through my drafts because I thought I should delete some as they will never be published, though some I cannot bring myself to delete yet.

However, this is something I want to share. Probably at the time I felt like I had something more to say about this work, but now it feels enough:

  • Cradle is about the source of ideas and how when the ideas are put in practice they leave behind an empty space, like a ruin or an abandoned house. A work of art can take a different meaning depending on who looks at it and sometimes even in the artist’s eyes after a period of time. This ruin can become itself a source of inspiration. The same idea in a different context can become something new.
  • Cradle is a visual representation of the fact that new ideas are built on existing ones. Old ideas change bit by bit until they become so different from the commonly known (normal) ones that they seem new ones.
  • An idea that gives rise to more ideas until they are so far removed from the initial idea that they seems entitled to call themselves original.

This piece should have a story. Maybe I will write it one day…