If you choose to love…

…make sure you’ve seen the worst version of what you choose.

During my travels, I thought that in order to make sure that I love a place, it has to pass the rain test.

I do not like rain, but if I like a city when it rains then I love it.

Coming to think of it, I do not think I saw Vienna during rain. I’ve seen it while it was freezing cold, but not rainy. It didn’t even snow although that would have been nice since it was the end of November. Christmas mood kicks in around that time for me. However, I run out of it until Christmas. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I still love it though. Leuven, I’ve seen during rain and I love it. Bruxelles, so not. Also, love Florence and Pisa although I do not feel that what that was qualifies as rain. 😄

My second favorite city in Europe, Bordeaux, I’ve also not seen during rain. When it rained while I was in Paris, I was in Centre Pompidou, so it does not count. Generally, I’m lucky. I travel on good weather although spring and autumn are my choice seasons for travel.

I was thinking today, that I used to like walking in the rain with my first love. I know since then that if the company is right I do not care where I am and what I am doing as long as I am with those people I love.

And today, I thought that if a person does not raise in you disapproval or negative feelings when they are angry and, essentially, at their worst, but simpahty, then you could love those people.

If you find yourself disapproving the person you love, you do not love them. I do not mean that you should accept any bad behaviour. If they treat you badly or generally have a bad behaviour maybe you should not love them. Changing a person you love is out of your scope.

It recently became a favourite in my vocabulary …out of my scope

Pupi😘 pa 🙋‍♀️


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