Ongoing projects

What I like about having ongoing projects is that I have something to work on. No matter if I am inspired or not, I can keep working on something until inspiration comes back or settles.

This week, I have engaged in an activity that allowed me to forget who I was, where I was going and why.

Somehow an email I was waiting for awhile now has arrived at the end of this activity and I know that my mind is clear enough now to make the right decision.

However, before I do decide, I need to remember, at least, who I am. Where I was going and why no longer matters because I found this little island I want to enjoy for a while before integtating it into my life and moving along wherever I may feel like it at that time.

At this point, the ongoing projects come into help. My mind being empty, I could not easily start something new now so in order to get in the rythme of creation, I can just pick up something already started.

An empty mind is good to allow for new ideas to rise. An empty mind is also scary, just like an empty page.

I find starting something harder then finishing something. Of course, finishing something well is equally hard, but having the habit of doing + working with some inertia is helpful. That does not exist in the begining.

So, there would be no better time to restart my mind than when I already have projects going on, projects with no particular deadline. This is what I have to decide now actually. Will these projects get a deadline or will I just settle on this island and take a creative break?

An empty mind is not something that I can actually have. I am too addicted to thinking and overthinking.

There is one thought that, although it comes considerably more rarely than before, is still where my mind goes when there is nothing else engaging enough.

Thankfully, reading helps to populate my mind. And between two good fantasy series and a new favorite writer I want to explore beyond the series I am currently reading, I will keep my mind busy for awhile.

I am really thankful I can do what I want and that I allow myself to want different things and not be limited by must dos or can’t dos. It’s clear now that I won’t be able to travel abroad this year, but somehow I’ve explored and accomplished more than in any other year.

One can see, I’m becoming an optimist. Normally, this post would have been called unfinished projects.

I will talk about this island at some point, but for now I am selfishly keeping it too myself. 💖💃🏼🤸🏼‍♂️


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