I’m glad I can finally enjoy the quiet…

… I’m thinking while my neighbor is power drilling, there is a buzz from the water pump mixed with that of the insects, birds are quietly chirping, voices are coming from the house…

What I mean is that it is finally quiet in my head. I do not need music or an audio book to distract me from my thoughts. I have a moment of quiet.

Speaking of audiobooks, since my last project and the desperate need to get away from my thoughts and focusing only on it, I dived into listening to fantasy books. I have finished about 6 books in one month and a half. And I didn’t even let them pasa by me like a background sound. I actually listened to them and lived through the stories and I was lucky to peak each one quite different from the other.

I started with Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy, but only read The last empire so far. Now I “picked up” The wall of ascension, just to give me a break from the story of Feyra and Rhysand from Shara J. Maas’ A court of Thorn and Roses series, just when it got really interesting, which is good seeing that I read two books and two more are left in the series. This series, where fairies are not all good and not even all fairy-like, more like demon-like. I like to imagine Moare (or however you write her name – audiobooks, right?😅) like Mazikeen from Lucifer. And their cauldron magic.

The Magician by Raymond E. Feist was interesting too, as it had different worlds communicating through portals and invading each other and magic, even if the usual kind.

I like Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn because it has a different type of magic than the usual. Drawing power from metals or storing power in metals or a combination of these. I remember thinking that Patrick Rothfuss’ trilogy The name of the wind also had a different kind of magic described, but I do not remember quite that much since two year ago, when I read the first two book, the third not being out yet. Maybe (highly adviced, since I mostly listened to them while biking, which is not really listening), I will re “read” them before “reading” the third.

I will keep this habit for a while. Hopefully, by the time I’m over fantasy books, I’ll be over last year and this year too.


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