Be careful what you expect…

I have been on a road trip to Sibiu last weekend.

Several of my friends were there this summer and I saved a café place to go to when there from what they posted from their visits. I did give the place much importance as where is the exact location in Sibiu and such. I figured I’ll look it up once in the city.

When in Sibiu however, we decided to aimlessly walk around until we found a place that spoke to us.

We sat down at a nice terrace with a piano player next to the Bridge of Lies. It was lovely, as the piano music is a great company for food.

I forgot to take the name of the place as we left the café that evening.

Today, I just realized that that was the place I have saved to go to in Sibiu.

The subconscious is a wonderful thing…

…except when you expect the worst from someone and subconsciously force them into behaving that way.

…oh, well… Still… It’s their choice to behave the way they do. No matter the situation, they could have always chosen different…


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