My cat is magic

Last night, actually yesterday, I did something stupid.

I have a fan that runs at its highest speed since it is so hot I sweat standing still. So, I keep it running while I work, blowing straight at me.

No harm done until yesterday when I started gathering stuff since I’m almost done with the project, and I felt the need to clean up a little. The fan blew straight at my face for a couple of minutes or more. I had a passing thought that it might give me a head ache, but it got lost in my thousand other thoughts.

Last night, for an unknown reason, the tablet started playing the audio book I’m listening to, The magician by Raymond E. Feist, randomly at 1 am.

I woke up and felt my head ache. I thought I’m just tired, but I grabbed a banana and a pill for head ache just in case. When I do get head aches it can be quite disabling. I have days like this in which I can hardly do any work. I could not risk it with this project so close to deadline and so much work put into it already.

The pain got worst during the night…

My cat sleeps under the bed because it is too hot, but last night he climbed next to me.

Purr, purr..

I woke up ok in the morning. 👍



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