My brain needs fantasy…

…so I gave it some.

I started “reading” today The final empire by Brandon Sanderson. I got the audio book because I need to finish my current project until next Tuesday and I obviously do not have time to read.

However, my brain lost its ability to go to my own fantasy world that I have created when I was 10 years old and built upon since then. So, I decided to give it a helping hand by taking it to someone else’s fantasy world for a while. It is quite nice being on the misty roads of Luthadel alongside Kelsier and Vin. Also, their magic is quite unique, so I’m intrigued.

I recently realized that my latest obsession took the heights (or depths, depending on whether you are a positive or negative kind of person) it took because of the colisson of the fact that I get bored easily with the fact that the person was someone I knew personally. Normally, I just turn them into a character in my fantasy world and sooner or later I move on from them. Not this time…

Therefore I am giving my brain another fantasy world as a safety net. And I chose well. 😁

I listened to the book while I worked on the project today and I realized some things:

  • I was in a more self assured state of mind when I “went” to the gym. I could do the exercises without the normal mental blocage and lazyness that I have. Pourvous que j’ai le même état d’esprit demain 🙏
  • I am better working on an art project, than doing my usual 9 to 5 job*
  • Keeping my mind occupied is my best medicine
  • I need action, but that does not need to happen in my life
  • My life seemed to be more exacting than a fantasy world for a while, but I know now that is just because my mind got lazy

I am gonna leave here a bit of what I’m working on because I’m really happy about it. I love how it turns out and it is exactly what I needed this summer.

I do get nervous at times about finishing this in time, but today I kept repeating to myself: “do what you can”. And I pretty much had the same state of mind when at the gym. It is the state of mind I want tomorrow when I go to the drumming rehearsals. I’m spending more time in the garden, but I need to understand it is up to me to make the garden not boring. Doing what I can will help, because I tend to get sticks and not do anything.

*not sure I could manage to do my own projects and ideas if I would live out of projects like this. It was a welcome order now, but not sure if I would like this as a routine. In the end what I wanted to do I didn’t have time to and I still feel the need to do it.


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