The garden is not boring

I didn’t want to go to the drumming rehearsals today. If they were yesterday like they should have been I surely would not have gone.

I am not 100% there. It’s not ok, because everyone else is and most importantly, they take the time to teach me.

I should though. Apart from those people being absolutely amazing, I forget everything when I’m there…

The band conductor made an analogy after the rehearsals today, about how he see my progress. I would sum it up as one step forward two steps back.

He went on about how I have to go through a corn field in order to get to the vegetable garden with the goodies and that going through a corn field is rough.

He said that everytime he sees me in the garden, after awhile I go back to the other side of the corn field and then I have to go again through it to get to where I am supposed to be… Well… Where am I suppose to be?

Apart from the fact that I actually love corn, it is not the first time a friend points out that I hurt myself unnecessarily.

And this takes me back to the realization I had since the dove is not in my life anymore, which is by no means something new: I get bored easily.

Practically, the garden is boring, the corn field is not.

So, what I have to do is make the garden not boring.

To do that I must practice. Therefore, I must go on Thursday too, and next Monday and next Thursday and so on, until I get it: the garden is not boring.


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