I will leave this here…

I feel the need to write for awhile now, but I do not have the time.

Today I was so focused on what I have to do that I am not even sure I want to break away from that, but I had to go* to the gym.

I had these thoughts rolling in my head, mostly about boredom and having no “valuable” ideas to think of…

I finally decided on putting down the music that is very tied to a certain memory or feeling.

Last year was very powerful emotionally, so a lot will take me there. It is also very recent so the ties might not last. We will see. I love the “I will leave this here to see what I feel about it in …time”.

I will start with “Sentimental” from Mylene Farmer that does not make me think of the concert last year and not even to the trip to France, but to the trip to Italy two years ago 😅 more specifically it takes me to the street that was going down from the Airbnb I was staying at in Rome and that was going to …Kaufland 😄

Sometimes this song takes me to the street that was going down from the Airbnb I stood at in Sèvres and that was going to …well… anywhere… la Saine… Paris … The ATM I took money out from the first day I got there… 😅 Oh, but what a bohemian house and family was that! 🥰 Perfect to my heart! 🥰

So much happened after that, I didn’t even have time to fully take in all I’ve seen last year in Paris. Right now, going back to that vintage house, full of art and things all gathered up in a perfect mess, I feel inspired.

Pretty much any song from Staubkind takes me to the streets of Magdeburg. Either to the streets near the train station I passed every day to go from my Airbnb… to, well… anywhere or to the concert where I was introduced to his music; concert I actually went to for Unheilig. Of course, the later’s music does not remind me of that concert. 😅

Any song from Versus takes me to the streets of Florence or Pisa, but specifically “Fais comme ça” takes me to one of the last night’s in Pisa when it was raining softly and I was going nowhere in particular. I love walking aimlessly! ❤️

Any song from Shy’m’s “Agapé” takes me to the streets of Alicante, either at the intersection of avenue Dr. Gadea ( autocorrect wanted to make that Gâdea …I don’t even wanna 😣… And who the fuck is Dr. Gadea anyway 🤷) with avenue de Ramón y Cajal (the fuck are these two?!). Yep, very specific. Really cool trees over there! 😉 Also, might occasionally take me to the end of the seafront towards Oscar Espla 😬. “Déteste-moi” would do that because I must hate myself to go there.

“Dope” is one of the few songs that actually takes me to a concert memory, because it was that moment, at Gaga’s concert, that I got what the song is about and I learned to like it and it was the most emotional moment of the concert.

Occasionally, Zaz and Charles Aznavour take me to Montmartre, but the feeling is not nearly strong enough. I crave being in Montmartre sometimes and if I listen to them it intensifies, but it isn’t happening the other way around much.

On a wired note, any song from Kazka reminds me of biking to and from work last summer, and it’s not just because I crave biking due to the current situation, because I had the same feeling during last winter too. Also, the songs they released last fall also remind me of last summer though I obviously was not listening to them at the time. Pretty fuck up, but last year was emotional and emotions make memories very powerful.

On the same fucked up note, this next song takes me to the streets of Altea, more specifically to any street that goes down from Plaza de la Iglesia to …well …the parking 😅

The thing about this song is that I was not listening to it at the time, I didn’t even knew it existed. Usually, I listen at that time to the music that reminds me later of that memory. Even for Kazka, the sound of the second album is similar enough with the first one, which I was listening to last summer quite a LOT.

In other notes:

  • Despacito reminds me of the driving school 😂
  • Kazka’s “Cry” reminds me of the salon I do my nails at because there is where I first heard it and it got stuck in my head ever since
  • Pretty much, half of my play list is currently music I hear during my gym sessions.

However, this song from Linkin Park is very descriptive to what I feel during and after the gym sessions:

“Say it’s all you can take, better take some more”

You may not think so, but it is incredibly empowering! 💪

*since it is online, I do not technically go anywhere


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