I’ve been here before…

It hits pretty hard when you realize that even if you think you’ve changed a lot and that you are better, smarter, etc., in fact you are the same 16 years old girl.

I remember back then thinking about my boyfriend that if I was his age I wouldn’t give two pennies on him.

I feel the same about my dove …and yet…

Waiting until the rose fades completely is useless because I clearly made up my mind. I just need to accept it. Not easy though. (LE: it had almost all the petals in the morning and only three left in the evening, so I guess its end is near and coming faster than I thought initially)

If it is hard to accept your own reasoning when it contradicts what you want, no wonder it is close to impossible to accept the reasoning of someone else.

Not that this realisation will make me more tolerant or anything.

I can bearly tolarate myself right now 😂


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