My patience works well with deadlines…

In fact, I work well with deadlines.

That’s why I took the unnecessary expense to go to Florence. I needed a deadline for Community lights or else I would have risked still working on it now.

Not uselessly. You can always do better, add something, improve, make it more complex, evolve…

…buy sometimes you just have to move on. Do something different. Get out of your the zone you’re in.

As far as patience goes, I have incremental deadlines. I go like, I only have to go without alcohol until my birthday. And then I’ll see.

Alcohol is nothing though.

I have some deadlines that are not so well defined. I postponed taking a decision until the rose I started photographing each day will lose all it’s petals.

Seems to take a while, but it is already on the decaying side. And I am really losing my patience with this decision and at the same time it is a decision I do not want to take. It’s consuming me and I would rather be done with it. However, it does not concern only me and I wouldn’t want to take it unless I’m really sure because I know me. I won’t look back.

For this same decision I also have a clear deadline because of the password I set at work. It expires on the 13th of July. Lucky day. It’s my hire date where I work now. Lucky because I have a job, no money worries, despite the job being as it is. Changing my attitude would help, but I lack motivation to do it…

I was looking for the meme saying that patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting… I’m losing that good attitude. Didn’t find that meme, but found others. Those help :

Maybe, I should look for some motivation memes… I wonder if they help??

Found some positivity though…


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