Turns out it is hard to click twice…

I always had an internal joke regarding people that like the shared post instead of the original and pretend they are supporting you.

And there is no shortage of examples, even if the person sharing states that you need to comment, like the original post. Asking for votes on a site could be already too much.

Personally, these posts annoy me and I try not to participate in such competitions. I do not really find value in them either. But I support my friends who participate. And I do wonder sometimes, is it so hard to click twice to vote on the right post?!

Turns out it is. If you do not care enough, do not have time (thought this is more the first case than you really do not have time) or you really want to, but also know you shouldn’t. In this last case it helps.

That’s why I put money in my economy account. To use them I need a really good excuse, even after last year when I kinda spent a lot from that account with Community lights and the month in Florence. I ran the risk to get used to take money out of that account.

Turns out it is still hard to click twice. My brain stops me just in time.

This post is not about money and saving them. It’s about how I used the same strategy to protect myself from something else. So far it works and much more than that, I also feel more at ease. Though I still have the compulsion, but the extra click stops me from doing it.

I wonder if there is a psichological treatment with this strategy. I do wonder if having to do an extra step would stop people with certain compulsions from doing that.

I also used to bite my nails. I have no idea when I stopped, but I think it has something to do with painting them regularly for over a year. Now even if they are not painted it is ok, even if I am stressed…

This post is not about validating hiding behind layers of protection either. I hope not to do that ever again. After all, if someone will use your weakness against you, it’s best you know sooner than later before you allow them to get really close. The more open you are, the more you will see when someone is unworthy of your attention.

…or will you? …and if you do will you care?


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