Do you remember when…

…you were so in love that everything seemed wonderful and you found every little thing amazing?

Well, I might be that in love or simply bored. Bored is good, it means you have time for yourself and you can relax. It also means your brain is free… By free I mean empty…

Last Sunday, I took a brief moment to walk around the garden. I wasn’t looking for anything, just didn’t feel like getting in the house nor did I really had any reason to stay out anymore. I spend most of the weekend outside in the garden. I moved my workshops out for the weekend. So I do not really see anything of the garden because I work.

I also started to appreciate breaks with the new job. So I do take a break while I work in weekends which I wasn’t really doing before. Last Sunday, I layed in the sun for an hour or so. I’m starting to get a tan.

Ticutz seats with me when I seat on the grass ❤️

Anyway, during the walk around the garden I admired the flowers and photographed them ofc, and I thought once one of the red roses will bloom completely, to send a photo of it to my dove.

(it is like the xxxxx time I tell myself I will not do another nice gesture towards her, just to get another idea of a nice gesture and ofc I cannot help myself but do it. The truth is I do it for me as much if not more than for her. I do get a lot of joy from giving and having a person I want to give to is priceless.)

So, thinking to send this rose, I realized I could do even more. I could send a gif of the rose blooming. I took a photo every day and this came out:

I also remembered what a wonderful world is the world of insects. So facinated by these little beings!


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