If the illusion is dieing, why not just bury it?

When you are not afraid anymore, that’s when you can accomplish most. If you stand to lose something, protecting that will stop you from doing what you must or want or need to do. And in most cases it won’t even save what you are afraid of losing.

So there goes nothing…

Funny thing happened last weekend: I finally created the flying dovey …and I broke it. Well, I was still undecided whether to make the How to kill a feeling piece or not. Guess life just decided that for me. đź‘Š

I did mention not liking to keep the ball in my court …I’m also able to bounce it back so fast that you don’t have the chance to catch it to bounce it back. It also saves me from pondering to much on what to do with you and waste my time.

Last Friday was a good day despite everything. I might just have saved my spirit by taking up drumming. Also, my cat likes when I’m practicing. I’m still really bad at it. But it’s only been two months and I can see I’m getting better. That’s exciting. The challenge will be when the evolution will not be so obvious. For now, I’m loving it.

I also use my cat when working out. He is not fond of this as much. He likes drumming more. He can sleep when I do that.

Last Saturday was one of those days I woke up determined and then life kinda took over. I also pusponed acting until later. I do that sometimes before doing something drastic. It pays off. However, acting right away also pays off and then sometimes it doesn’t, just like waiting might mean a chance wasted. It’s a gamble as far as I am concerned.

This time it paid off. I found this nice app called Comica through which you can turn photos into comics and I had some fun with it and I allowed myself to be ok and understand that I like giving.

I do not like to be taken for granted though. Who does?!? But I do not require something in return either. Said no one ever. No, really, I do not! Just giving is my gift to me as well, especially if it is something inspired by the person receiving it. Furthermore, something not demanded by them and just given because they provide inspiration, which is quite a lot. So they do not need to give anything more. However, ignoring the gift hurts. Do what you do and decide what you will, it hurts and if you say it doesn’t, you are lying to yourself.

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