There is an ugly world out there

Today is one of those bad days even though I went out of the house. I drove to do the shopping and had a short walk to the bank too. And well, neither of the these activities is something I would go for to feel good.

It’s just something I need to do and there was nothing to enjoy about it. Quite the contrary. From wearing masks and gloves though it is really hot outside, to all people I saw along the way. Ugly.

Apart from work which was a necessity, but biking there and back saved the day usually, I went out just to experience something beautiful.

My today conclusion is that the world out there, without theatre, concerts, friends meeting for a drink and talk, walking aimlessly just to discover something new, doing sports, taking trips and art events, is just ugly. I can live without those things for now and most days are quite good, but I have no desire to go out.

I know, I’m lucky, I have a garden and now I have birds playing for me everyday. On most occasions, my neighbors are kind enough to turn their shit music down so I can really enjoy them.

Today, I don’t need the birds singing. I do not need the nature around me. Today I would have liked people around, but not just anyhow. I would have liked to gather with people somewhere to enjoy something together …like a concert. I miss so bad going to a concert.

I also feel a little lost… And I feel this song too much today…

And that’s ok… Tomorrow will be better. It always is after a day like this.


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