If I ever look down…

…it will be only to admire my socks.

…or because I’m shy …also might be admiring someone’s legs… Anyway…

When we went into quarantine, a lot of people said that they will be in pijamas all day and some were even looking forward to this. Their point was that there was no need to make yourself pretty if you were not going out.

So far, I confirmed to myself that I’m getting dressed up for myself and no one else. Of course, I have days I spend in my pajamas – the night shift and the early morning shift are strong motivators to that end, but generally I dress up. And even when I stay in pijamas, I do my nails, my hair. I take advantage of the fact that I do not have to be in my work clothes although I haven’t seen any tight rules while I was in the office, but still.

I do my nails a lot and take care of them better too. I guess without all the comings and goings I do have more time for myself. That’s nice. I otherwise managed to make myself quite busy that I have to plan ahead on what to do that day or the other. I do seem to keep to these plans better though… Well… Not quite… But in other circumstances things would have been way more out of hand.

I keep to my daily face routine better than usual. Weekends were hard to keep it going as I didn’t have the usual morning program. Now, that line seems to have been erased somewhat. Not entirely, but my mindset is more focused on these daily have to dos.

Yesterday, I dyed my hair pink because I felt like it. Initially, I planned when coming out of quarantine to dye my hair green or blue, but when I went to the store on Saturday, I really felt the pink as something more suited and something that I would really feel right now. Also, my hair has a redish tendency, so it was more fitted as well. Also, Gaga’s new vibe is all pink and though I don’t really feel it, I feel the colour.

I do have some orange highlights, it’s not just the light, which is nice. A uniform color is boring and I like the randomness of what my inexperience in colouring hair allows.


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