That shit ain’t happening

When I took my current job I thought it will be a great opportunity to become more tolerant with people.


Not happening!

However, I became more tolerant with the people I care for. More patient. What I am practicing, in fact, is not reacting on the spot. I still have a long way to go, but I’m going.

However, tolerating people in general and not being judgmental in general …no way! Come to think of it, I do not even think it is healthy.

everyday mood I aim for

Still, letting yourself be too judgmental or too quick to react is not healthy either. You could end up consuming yourself more than necessary.

I discovered, however, that sitting in the sunlight for 10 mins, not doing anything or just breathing conciously makes a lot of things better. The mood especially. Also boosts the energy. Maybe I have chlorophyll. Maybe I’m a plant. That would explain why I do so well in one spot.

This became a daily habit

I am undeniably more relaxed lately. I do complain a lot though, especially at work. I do that out of principle. I’m glad, however, when people react how I would like to react. It teaches me that I can, and hopefully one day I will decide to do that.

But for the time being, that shit ain’t happening.


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