That time…

I like to keep reminders of who I was.

Like this work from the time when I was making masks, fitingly, as I had no idea who I was.

Not that I know now who I am, but I am trying to be someone I would like. I like that we can discover new things about ourselves if we look within from time to time. I like it even more when we allow to surprise ourselves and are accepting of how our vision of who we are can change and evolve.

I remember thinking two year ago when I was planing going to Florence last year, that I should take a break right after this trip. Distance myself. Find myself.

In the rush I started last year, this thought was the farthest thing away from me when I came back from Florence. I wanted. I felt like I needed. To do things. To meet people. To have experiences. To feel.

Well, now I have to take a break wanting or not and I realized that it is a blessing and it came right in time. Maybe in November last year I wasn’t ready to stop, but now I am and it’s good.

Time to be with me. Away from the normal distractions. Away also from external inspiration and from the energy that was feeding me and keeping me going. Now I have to find it within. Well… I’m an optimist. I do not foresee depleting the resources of inspiration I stalked since last year by the time this is over.

However, I understand the fear of losing. It’s a choice to look at what you loose and not what you gain. Despite everything, I do not think this situation will last long enough for any of us to really change in any significant way.


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