This is not a dove story…

…or is it?

One of my, if not The, most favorite stories is Little Prince. I read it several times and I am (wanting to) going to every show, theatre play inspired by this story, that I can find. Some I’ve seen several times. The one I saw tonight, performed by Lightwave Theatre, I will surely want to see again although it took me so long to see it the first time.

I don’t know if it is the first time I see a Little Prince related play since I met my dove, but it took a whole new meaning for me.

That part where the Little Prince says that the world is more beautiful beacause the flower exists in it made me realize that this is why I don’t want to let go of this feeling …it makes the world more beautiful.

The time shared with someone makes everything that reminds you of those memories all the more beautiful even if you are not with that person anymore. Because they exist and they crossed your path and you shared the moments you did, that makes everything that comes after richer, more meaningful, more beautiful.

Of course, it is a choice if you see things this way, since you lost that person and they are no longer in your life. You can also chose to be sad, blame yourself or them and be filled with regret. However, that is not helpful or useful to neither you or them. Remember it is a choice and even if it is hard, you can chose to see the beauty, even in the moments that weren’t that great.

I think I actually had the first notion of chosing how to view a memory with a loved one you lost from my dove. She seems to chose to look for the best* and the good in someone/ something. I thought many times that she brought the best in me. I know that it is not true, but she brought something I liked by chosing to look for the good* in me.

And then there is that part with the fox that the Little Prince tames. That would make me the dove’s fox because she tamed me basically.

Now, the question is: do foxes eat doves?, because I must admit I want to eat her sometimes for no matter how much she makes the world more beautiful by being in it, she also blinds me from seeing others.

And, you? Do you think the sheep ate the flower? Are the stars laughing or crying?

*from her point of view, ofc 😬


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