What is the best choice?

The one you make right now.

Even if it turns out bad, so could have any other choice you would have made.

You cannot know, so there is no reason to doubt your choices.

The only thing you can do is assume and make another decision if the one made before turned bad, to either fix it or live with it… Or whatever suits you in the moment.

I say I do not have regrets because whatever decision I made, it was the right one in the context of that moment. Of course, the context changed as life unfolded. But there was no way of knowing how that would go.

You can only be so lucky for things to turn out the way you imagined. I do find that is never the case, just people that adjust their desires as life progresses. It’s like when you order a painting and then say it turned out exactly like you imagined. That is highly unlikely even if you are most familiar with the artist’s work. What happened is that it turned out you liked the end result.

People that say they can’t draw, they do not lack skill in the hands, but in the eye and mostly the mind. If you can patiently observe and register very carefully what you see in your brain so that you can picture it clearly in your mind, than you can draw it.

People say they imagine things clearly, like saying that a dream was so clear, but in fact all is a blur in our mind. It only feels clear. We have so many simultaneous thoughts that only if we say one out loud we can actually realize its value. What makes a dream seem so real are the feelings you get during it. Those are clear. So clear you wake up with them.

Earlier this week I dreamt I bought a cocktail with my last money. I remember it was with vodka and tomate juice, so last night when I went out, I got La vie en rose 💗 it wasn’t nearly as good as in my dream either because it wasn’t bought with my last money or because it didn’t have enough vodka. 🤷

So, anyway, the thing is if a decision turns out wrong, you don’t have to beat yourself up for it, nor should you stop going in that direction if it really is what you want. You learn, hopefully, and move on… Or change direction, as you feel/think (depending who you are) is right.

Ideally there should be a balance between listening to what you feel and what you think. Neither going by feeling or reason alone all the time is right, but it may seem easier. Clearer. Simpler. Except, since nothing is clear in your mind and life is never simple, unless maybe if you are hermit…


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