Hope beyond madness

Today I had mixed feelings when I left work. I figured it is because I lost the habit of socializing with so many people, only to realize that I did socialize with a lot of people even without working and what’s worst (🤷), those were different people each time.

At least the people I met today will be my people …for some time. The truth is I missed being part of a team. And this seems like a really good one.

Things are going slow…er than I am used to, but this is good. I did have too much excitement lately. Taking it slow is something the doctor prescribed (or would have of I would have seen one).

Anyway, one of the ladies who is showing me the “how tos” of the job is that kind of person who has ideas. “Oh, you should make a tree out of rope. I bet it would look great. I love trees. Imagine a tree that would react to someone coming near and would start shining or blooming… Or even sing. You could use some of those Chinise bells… Imagine the cling cling as one gets close” Imagine that! It sure sounds like a brilliant idea. SHE should definitely do it! After all it is HER idea. I won’t, though… Or will I?

She also bounced another idea my way that in my head sparked something slightly different, but the core of it is the same – a hand that offers light …in a heart. The more I think of it, the more I love it. Maybe it will offer something else as the hand opens… To be discovered what…

Despite my mixed feelings about today, I got home really inspired and I do feel like it was a good day.

I just hope not all days will be like this because I do need time to make the ideas real, but I needn’t worry. Routine and reality will set in quickly. Just wait for it… 😆

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